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Sailbags Legende Handbag - Linen Base #9 Amber Suede

Sailbags Legende Handbag - Linen Base #9 Amber Suede

727 Sailbags
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Road to the French Riviera. Shade yourself under the olive trees from the heat of the midday sun. A destination that instills the relaxation within and takes the time to live. Near the coast, in the hinterland, is a refuge filled with tranquillity and warmth. A parenthesis, where we agree upon a moment of relaxation, cradled by the surrounding nature. It is in this warm atmosphere that the inspiration and the decor of our collection was born. It was with him that 727 Sailbags were born.

​It is therefore the most iconic bag of the brand. A bag whose shape, colors and material have been thought for months. A bag that will become, for sure, your most faithful companion. Elegant and understated, its perfect fit makes it the chic accessory that goes with evening outfits like those every day. Neither too small nor too big: this bag is the perfect size to gather most of your day.

A handbag made from recycled sails, linen and leather.

Sublimated by a subdued light, this collection marks the return of warm colors, leather and natural linens.

The Legend handbag is made from 100% recycled sails. A certificate of origin has been sewn inside and tells the story behind the sails.

Certification : 100% Recycled Sails

Sailcloth :  Main Sail

Boat/skipper : Cruise boat

Ocean / Race : Atlantic