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Malibu's Cooking Again 2 Paperback

Malibu's Cooking Again 2 Paperback

Bungalow Ltd.
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Fire has brought people together through the ages, sharing food, warmth and companionship as they gathered around the campfire.

But from out of the ashes of the Woolsey Fire, a group of friends and strangers came together to help those who lost their homes in the inferno and to acknowledge and to celebrate the rebirth of their community. 
Malibu's Cooking Again 2 was born out of their efforts.

Our second cookbook offers to share with you even more incredible recipes from Malibu cooks, both the famous and the unknown. It invites you again to sit at their campfire, so to speak, and to share the great food, the warmth and the stories of those who were touched by the fires. It is truly a remarkable experience. May you be enriched by sharing in it through this book.